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Activity report, first half of 2014

Almost without realizing it the months have passed and it is again time to report on our activities during the first half of 2014.


Over this period our principal goal has been to provide disabled persons with the equipment they need to mitigate their problems, whether by donating this equipment, lending it for an indefinite period, or providing loans to assist in its purchase. Thus we provided a walker to an elderly person in Chiautla and made four reclining wheelchairs available to people with severe disabilities in Tepexpan and Chiautla. Elsewhere we provided three persons with lightweight wheelchairs that Noé Martínez, our trusted technician, was able to acquire at a very reasonable price from the U.S. This type of wheelchairs provides users with much greater mobility and autonomy, as they can assemble, disassemble and store them themselves. One of these individuals, thanks to this new equipment, is also aiming to take part in sporting activities. Continue reading

Activity report, second half of 2013

San Antonio de las Huertas

A) Maricela

After we had accepted that the kidney donated to Maricela by her mother three years ago had stopped working, and she had to return to the regular dialysis sessions, thanks to the recommendation of a doctor friend and of the Asociación Ale, we succeeded in having Maricela accepted as a patient at the National Nutrition Institute. Continue reading

Activity report, first half of 2013

The beginning of this year was overshadowed by concerns for the health of Maricela Sánchez, who suffered a serious relapse in January. Due to the acute risk of rejection of the transplanted kidney, she had been receiving treatment at the state-run Hospital de la Raza, where she was discharged despite unsatisfactory response to treatment. A few days later this led to a crisis that saw her at death’s door, which was only surpassed thanks to the intensive efforts of the team brought together by the doctor who had carried out the transplant at a small private clinic in Toluca. These unforeseen events consumed much of our modest budget at the start of the year, to the extent that meeting our other commitments proved difficult. Continue reading

Activity report, second half of 2012

The mushroom cultivation project we financed continues apace.

Thanks to our friends in Chiautla we established contact with a water tank manufacturer (Rotoplast-type), who can provide us with tanks at an advantageous price. In San Antonio there were 53 requests, for which we advanced payment so that those interested could cover the cost in installments according to their posibilities. Delivery, originally planned for December, was delayed as we are still looking for a cheap transport provider. Continue reading

Activity report, first half of 2012

Apart from the activities we regularly carry out with the Mazahua families, and the attention constantly demanded by Maricela Sanchez’s health due to the transplant of a kidney two years ago, we observe with pleasure the progress of the mushroom project. The first harvest, even in rather rudimentary conditions, was encouraging. At present, a large barn is being constructed for this purpose, with materials paid for by us (50% as a contribution to the project, 50% as a loan) and with labor provided by the persons concerned. Also, they will be able to continue to count on the advice from the Colin family of the La Venturosa Estate on the marketing of the product. Continue reading