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Annual report 2020

Despite the pandemic running rampant in Mexico with frighteningly high numbers and temporary lockdowns, some of our activities proceeded in the usual spheres, while new cases of need arose in other areas.

In the first category, we would like to mention the home for chronically ill people in Tepexpan, where we were able to help out again this year with wheelchairs (this time mainly special wheelchairs with raised and adjustable backrests) and other supplies, as well as repair of their conventional wheelchairs. Through contact with another aid organization, we were able to ensure that the old, worn-out shower chairs there were replaced by 3 new ones (we are still 9 short). However, these were delivered with such small wheels that, given the less than optimal ground conditions, they were dangerously unstable in the reclining position, so that we had to arrange for an improvement with larger wheels.

One of the new conventional wheelchairs for Tepexpan
Repaired wheelchairs for our protégés in Tepexpan

We continued our collaboration with the Vincentian Sisters with monetary donations to purchase seeds for the post in the remote mountainous Tarahumara region, along with financial support for the Provincial House in Mexico City.

Results of our seed donation to farmers in the Tarahumara mountain region
Results of our seed donation to farmers in the Tarahumara mountain region

Our protégé Omar was hit hard by the pandemic, since the schools in Mexico have been closed for a long time and they have switched to distance learning. Although the principal even loaned him an internet-enabled laptop, Omar unfortunately misses the contact with other students that has been so positive for him. On the other hand, it’s fortunate that he was able to continue two sessions of physical therapy a week without interruption. All in all, however, due to the pandemic it will take longer than originally thought until we can help him transition to an independent working life.

Omar in late 2020

In addition to support for the Vincentian Sisters in Mexico City, pandemic-related measures included financial assistance in purchasing an oxygen tank for a sick person and buying medical masks for two hospitals and the previous medical director’s staff of the hospital in Tepexpan.

Full of despair in view of the tourism sector’s total standstill, the family of weavers from Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, whom we have known quite well for many years, turned to us with a request for a loan. At our suggestion, the family’s high school graduate, whom we had supported with a small amount of money, very skillfully put together a catalog. We and many of our friends distributed it more widely, leading to a number of orders after all.

That sums up our activities for the year that’s coming to an end. What the new year will bring is now more than ever uncertain.