Activity report, first half of 2012

Apart from the activities we regularly carry out with the Mazahua families, and the attention constantly demanded by Maricela Sanchez’s health due to the transplant of a kidney two years ago, we observe with pleasure the progress of the mushroom project. The first harvest, even in rather rudimentary conditions, was encouraging. At present, a large barn is being constructed for this purpose, with materials paid for by us (50% as a contribution to the project, 50% as a loan) and with labor provided by the persons concerned. Also, they will be able to continue to count on the advice from the Colin family of the La Venturosa Estate on the marketing of the product.

The next project will be the construction of a cistern with a piping system in order to take advantage of rainwater.

Attention to people with disabilities

Rehabilitation Center in Chiautla, State of Mexico

This project progressed at an accelerated pace thanks to the extraordinary dedication of Ramón González and Lilia Ponce. With our financial support, premises were outfitted in which during the first six months of operation more than 1200 services were offered for disabled people with scant resources (homeopathic medicine, physiotherapy, pedagogical counseling, psychological therapy and relaxing massage). At present, the limiting factor is that a large proportion of the approximately 350 people with disabilities registered in Chiautla and the surrounding area have no possibilities of transportation to get to the Center. Therefore, the next priority project is to obtain a vehicle suitable for transporting persons in wheelchairs. Apart from the contribution to the outfitting of the premises, including an access ramp, the Foundation provided an elevator for patients, wheelchairs, mattresses and cushions to prevent bedsores as well as basic medical equipment.

Hospital for the Chronically Ill in Tepexpan

Two of the three motorized wheelchairs donated by the Richter house in Germany and imported at the end of last year were handed over to people who live in this Hospital, while the third was assigned to Chiautla. In general, the motorized wheelchairs for patients were refurbished and equipped with gel batteries, which are more durable (but also more expensive) than traditional ones, and once again there were given mattresses and special cushions to prevent bedsores.

A case we are currently dealing with is that of the daughter of one of the Hospital residents, who was run over last year, with very serious consequences that gave rise to several surgical operations. One of them involved the amputation of a leg, so we are trying to get hold of a proper wheelchair for her and, ultimately, a prothesis.

Due to lack of liquidity, at present we have been unable to respond to the wishes of one of our young people with motor disabilities, who with the hope of participating in sports activities, has asked us for a wheelchair suitable for this purpose.

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