Annual report 2018

In the past year, the scope of our activities was unavoidably dictated by restrictions on our human and financial resources and was mainly limited to support measures in the health sector.

As usual, we visited our friends with disabilities in Tepexpan several times and brought special pressure relief mattresses and pillows, as well as medicine, and took care of repairing some wheelchairs. Fortunately, we can now rely on the efficient support of our volunteer Enrique Vieyra and his wife Juanita in many areas in Tepexpan.

We also visited San Antonio de las Huertas several times and continue to look after our now grown-up protégé Omar, though his complicated family situation often presents obstacles. In addition, we are supporting a woman blinded by diabetes, who, thanks to special treatment, can at least see hazy shadows again.

We’re also continuing to work with the Vincentian Sisters in the mountains of the Sierra Tarahumara in Chihuahua on the Corre Coyote project. For the bitterly cold winter months we bought warm fabric from which children’s clothes were made. Our support was also used to buy powdered milk for the children and seeds, which produced a gratifyingly good harvest last year. 

In the south of the country, we continued to support the hospital in Juchitán, Oaxaca, which was severely damaged by the 2017 earthquake.

For a little girl with a thyroglossal duct cyst, we provided a grant for the necessary surgery. We also supported a young woman with spasticity with the purchase of various aids and in financing her surgery costs. For a handicapped little boy, we have commissioned a suitable wheelchair, for which the family only has to make a small contribution.

For one of our adult protégés, we have had a ramp built, which he can use to access his helpful neighbor’s car with his wheelchair. 

It was a special pleasure for us to participate in the festive ceremony where the student nurse, whom we have supported for years with a grant for travel expenses and tuition fees, received her academic degree.