Activity report, second half of 2012

The mushroom cultivation project we financed continues apace.

Thanks to our friends in Chiautla we established contact with a water tank manufacturer (Rotoplast-type), who can provide us with tanks at an advantageous price. In San Antonio there were 53 requests, for which we advanced payment so that those interested could cover the cost in installments according to their posibilities. Delivery, originally planned for December, was delayed as we are still looking for a cheap transport provider. Continue reading

Activity report, first half of 2012

Apart from the activities we regularly carry out with the Mazahua families, and the attention constantly demanded by Maricela Sanchez’s health due to the transplant of a kidney two years ago, we observe with pleasure the progress of the mushroom project. The first harvest, even in rather rudimentary conditions, was encouraging. At present, a large barn is being constructed for this purpose, with materials paid for by us (50% as a contribution to the project, 50% as a loan) and with labor provided by the persons concerned. Also, they will be able to continue to count on the advice from the Colin family of the La Venturosa Estate on the marketing of the product. Continue reading