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Annual report 2016

Every year, we share our report about our different activities.

(a) San Antonio de las Huertas

This year we were once again able to deliver 28 drinking water containers and four cisterns. Altogether there are now 191 normal 1200-liter tanks and 14 so-called “cisterns” (2800 liters) in Mazahua village. This enables the families concerned to account for the large fluctuations in the drinking water supply and, above all, to use the abundant rainwater during the rainy season.

As in many years past, we continue to support a group of women from San Antonio in the distribution of their uniquely embroidered T-shirts.

In news on our two special protégés, we can report that Maricela is still on the waiting list for a donor kidney and, until then, must travel to the state capital Toluca for dialysis several times a week. In 2016, she also worked in a fabric shop (which she unfortunately had to give up for health reasons) and continued her distance learning. Thanks to the treatment and regular check-ups in the excellent (state) Hospital de Nutrición, where we were able to accommodate her, she (and we) were spared the life-threatening acute crises that were previously so frequent.

Omar could not go to school this year either, despite the ramps, since the road was only recently paved. We hope that he will be able to continue his school education next year.

b) Home for disabled people in Tepexpan

As in previous years, we supported the residents of this home with special pressure relief mattresses and pillows, as well as with procuring and repairing manual and electric wheelchairs. In January, we will be able to distribute warm clothes again.

Unfortunately — as mentioned last year — there is no suitable vehicle available, meaning we could not organize any more excursions. To procure our own vehicle is still far beyond our financial possibilities.

c) Individual cases

– The student nurse, whom we have been supporting for years with travel expenses and part of her tuition fees, has successfully completed her studies and is currently writing her final thesis and doing her social service.

For a girl with spasticity in Chiautla, our friends continue to obtain and finance her special medication from the USA, in addition this year to a tube system that is not available in Mexico.

Medicine from the USA for Judit in June 2016

– Sor Irma, one of the Vincentian nuns who formerly worked in the Tepexpan home for the disabled, continues to work in the remote, poor mountain village in the northern state of Chihuahua. We were able to support her this winter with contributions to buy warm clothes. In the village of Mazahua, residents sold used clothes at reduced prices and the proceeds went completely to Chihuahua: “One village helps another”.

Sor Irma in Tarahumara

– For the young paraplegic from Chiautla, we have now also procured a patient lift, as his mother can no longer carry him. The electric wheelchair acquired last year enables him to drive to work independently. We have also supported him in buying new batteries.

Aquilino from Chiautla got a patient lift

– A little boy from Chiautla has been given a special wheelchair, as has a man in San Vicente, Coyoacan.

Adriel from Chiautla in his special wheelchair

– Finally, we have received applications to finance chemotherapy and to purchase hearing aids for two people.